OPENSUPPLY, Your supplier of Flanges

Having the right quality flanges is essential to a reliable process. OpenSupply has a wide range of suppliers and flanges. To supply you with the best market standard of every type of flange.

OpenSupply supplies the following Flanges:

1) Welding neck flange
The welding neck flange is equipped with a slanting collar with which the flange can be welded to a duct or appendage.

2) Slip-on flange
Unlike the welding neck flange, the slip on flange is not equipped with a collar. Instead, it is welded straight onto the duct or appendage.

3) Connecting flange
Connecting flanges are used to (temporarily) close off ducts by applying the flange between two duct parts.

4) Spectacle flange
Spectacle flanges are used in combination with a connecting flange to (temporarily) close off ducts by applying the connecting flange between two duct parts.

5) Blank flange
Blank flanges are used to (temporarily) close off (or blank) ducts, for instance in the case of older ducts or to allow for maintenance work.

6) Threaded flange
A wire flange is, in essence, similar to other flanges. However, the thread flange is provided with screw thread for specific applications.

7) Lap joint flange
Spectacle flanges are used in combination with a connecting flange to (temporarily) close off ducts by applying the connecting flange between two duct parts.

We are also happy to provide various solutions in the area of gaskets, vitrified tile connecting systems, tubes, fittings, welding components and (automated) valves.


Not only the quality of the flange is important. You also want to pay a competitive price that matches what you ask from us. That is why OpenSupply not only supplies the top segment of flanges with all certifications and qualifications, but OpenSupply also has access to a large network of flange manufacturers for every application and layer.

That is why our flanges are used in lots of industries. For simple water works, but also for machines and installations in, for example, the chemical, petrochemical and food industries. As you can understand, various qualifications and certifications are necessary for our flanges in these industries.

Some aspects are the measurements, pressure, connections and materials of our flanges. OpenSupply provides a wide range of alternatives.
Very large sizes are no exception, and when comes to tolerated pressures, our flanges are pretty impressive as well.

The choice of material can often be deduced from the demands being placed on the flange or appendage. We supply all the commonly used materials and more.


Why you should work with OpenSupply:

  • We supply our flanges from stock and/or usually within a few workdays!
  • Our flanges have various qualifications and certifications!
  • Thanks to the wide range of flanges we supply, almost no application is impossible!
  • We supply flanges for every segment!
  • Many of our flanges are unique in their design!
  • OpenSupply provides you with flanges of exceptional quality!
  • OpenSupply is THE versatile and flexible supplier of industrial components!



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