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Haake is a leading company in Key Interlock systems, Valve Interlock systems and safety bumpers, mats or switches.

For more than 25 years, this German family company has provided the international market for high quality products in the field of human and machine safety.

The products from Haake are divided into 2 catagories:

1. Interlock for Valves

Valve interlocks are used where closing valves must be closed and / or opened according to a particular protocol to increase safety for man and environment.

2. Interlock for doors and shutters

Dangerous machines and installations often provide access and maintenance doors and shutters to protect the operator with a key interlock system.

3. Safety bumpers for machines and vehicles
4. Safety mats for machines
5. Safety frames for (roll) doors

OpenSupply is officieel agent van Haake in Nederland.

Haake is the ONLY valve interlock manufacturer certified in accordance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC Annex X.
According to this Machine Directive valve interlocks are logic units to secure safety functions.

Whether it’s safety bumpers, safety mats or safety lights or door or shutdown key systems, together with Haake, we provide a safe working environment.

Haake is an internationally operating company with offices around the world. In addition, Haake has an extensive network of agents. OpenSupply is one of and responsible in the Netherlands for key interlock and valve interlcok systems.

The valve interlock systems fit well in OpenSupply’s portfolio. Thus, we not only provide you with the valves, but we can also ensure that your valves are properly opened or closed properly with Haake.

OpenSupply has a large number of customers in the machine building. Safety is our biggest community. With Haake’s key interlock systems, we ensure that your machines are safely deployed to your customers.

Of course, we not only provide new machines and valves of our key interlock and valve interlock systems. We also gladly make your existing machines and valves safe to work with.

You can request a form to provide us with all necessary dimensions. Or do you request our favorable daily rates when you are unable to carry out this work yourself. We are happy to do so for you. With the Haake backup, you are assured of the right size and a good working key interlock or valve interlock for your machines and valves.

Other machine safety systems that Haake offers include safety bumpers, safety mats and safety lanes.

Safety bumpers often come with vehicles that transport within business such as forklifts. At the front and rear, a safety bumper must be mounted to prevent accidents. Because a safety damper prevents the truck from being slowed down and turned off immediately. A must in the ever increasing unmanned internal transport vehicles.

Safety mats are often located in front of or around a machine. This will ensure that the machine is switched off immediately in an accidental or unauthorized approach to prevent accidents with man and machine.

Safety lists are attached to the bottom of a rolling door. Only the smallest contact causes the rolling door to open, preventing accidents and inconvenience.

You will see: Haake is your expert and complete supplier when it comes to safety at valves, machines, vehicles, doors and installations. With its valve interlock systems, key interlock systems, safety bumpers, safety mats and safety lists, they increase safety for man and environment.

Did you know that OpenSupply also supplies lifting eyes specifically for valve safety? Look at our PE.SEB eye bolt! Otherwise, we would like to provide you with other lifting tools that increase safety.

Why you should work with OpenSupply:

  • We work with Haake!
  • We supply valve interlock systems for existing and new installations!
  • We supply key interlock systems for existing and new machines!
  • We can also provide you with all kinds of valves!
  • We help to protect your safety for man, machine and environment!
  • Our valves are provided with various permits and certificates!
  • OpenSupply is the versatile and flexible provider of industrial components!

Have a question? Please feel free to contact OpenSupply.

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