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Anchor Point Long Bolts


The main benefits of OpenSupply’s anchor point long bolt:

Manufactured and tested according to EN1677-1
Rotates 360° and pivots 180°
Allows for lifting from any direction simultaneously
Load-rated parts are 100% magnaflux crack tested
Chinese patent/Taiwanese patent
Certified by DGUV GS-OA 15-04
All forged parts and cap screw can be traced to test certification


OpenSupply, your supplier of industrial eye bolts and nuts

When it comes to heavy lifting, safety, sustainability and performance are some of the key element. Every eyebolt has to be made from top quality material and rigorously tested.

OpenSupply’s hoisting equipment is tested according to the strictest (international) standards, so be sure that all our products meet all of your requirements. We proudly deliver only the highest quality.

In addition to the high-quality long bolt anchor points, we also proudly introduce the following new products:

Lifting Point
Lifting Point Long Bolt
Anchor Point
Hoist Ring (with Alloy Steel Washer)
Anchor Point for Personal Protective Equipment (PSA-YEP)
Stainless Steel Anchor Point for Personal Protective Equipment (PSA-INOX-YEP)
Stainless Steel Eye Point
Super Point
Swivel Point
Hook Point


The best quality

OpenSupply’sAnchor points with long bolts are made from alloy steel, and tested according to EN1677-1 standards, guaranteeing their quality. What is more, they are tested to 2.5 times the WLL as well as fatigue-rated to as many as 20,000 cycles (at no less than 1.5 times the WLL!). The bolts have a UNC/metric thread (ASME / ANSI B18.3.1M), with an alloy socket head-screw per DIN EN ISO 4762. Also, cap screws and individual forged parts can be traced to test certifications.

In addition, all YOKE hoisting parts and products meet (or often even exceed) the ASME B30.26 requirements, so they all combine safety and performance. When it comes to sustainability, the rigorous testing to which the anchor points are exposed says it all.

A few important facts: OpenSupply’s Anchor Point Long Bolts have a top working load limit of 20 tons and are made from alloy steel, and to the highest specifications. In addition, they are quick and easy to assemble, with a tapped hole being all you need.

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