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ARC Alloy Adjustable Ring (double)


Safety Factor 5
Individually marked and traceable
Instructions: NI 11001
Delivered with EC-certification
No carrying welds
Strong reinforced steel

ARC Alloy Adjustable Ring (double)

For safe lifting, the use of high-quality material is essential. Safety has always been our priority at Opensupply. We work with a large number of suppliers to provide you with the best quality on the market.


What we can mean to you:

  • We deliver our product direct from our stock
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Our products are provided with the relevant certificates!
  • We also supply a wide range of rings, bolts and related articles.
  • OpenSupply is the versatile and flexible provider of industrial components!

Zeer hoge kwaliteit

ARC Alloy Adjustable Ring (double) from LIFTEUROP is made of  strengthened steel (steel quality 80). This product can bear weights between 1000 to 40,000 kilo.

The ARC Alloy Adjustable Ring measures to safety factor 5, is individual marked and traceable, and is provided with EC certificate.

You can use the Arc Arrangement Established Ring with adjustable chains.

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