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Slip-on Flange


Pressure: almost any pressure possible
Measurements: almost any measurements possible
Materials: various materials, like steel, various stainless steel qualities, aluminum and bronze/messing
Standards: various EN and/or DIN standards, like EN1092-1, DIN2635, DIN2642, DIN2527

Unlike the welding neck flange, the slip on flange is not equipped with a collar. Instead, it is welded straight onto the duct or appendage.

We supply slip on flanges in various types and sizes. Standardized as well as entirely customized. We have a large network of renowned manufacturers of slip on neck flanges, so we are flexible in the choice of materials, sizes, standards and prices.

OpenSupply can supply that one slip on flange for that one-off projects, but we are also happy to discuss the possibilities for JIT deliveries, deliveries on call, safety margin stocks, etc. When it comes to slip on flanges, we are your versatile supplier.

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